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Earning Potential


POM POMG UMC Staking Pools

Cross-chain launches on Eth & BSC coming soon!



Maxx Crypto.

Maxx Earnings.

Maxx is a crypto project based on the Proof of Meme’s blockchain.

It is geared to become an ecosystem in which its host of utilities will bring real world usage to its users as well as consistent passive income to its holders, all while supporting the POM ecosystem through token burns and utilities.

Purple Glow

Get your feet wet

Our comprehensive guide to entering the POM ecosystem

Water Drops
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Why Invest In Maxx?

Our goal at Maxx is to increase awareness of Proof of Memes' Layer 1 Blockchain, while allowing ease of access to all of POM-chains offerings for investors who are new to the chain. 

Revolutionary Staking Platform

Earn POM, POMG, and UMC without diluting your Maxx holdings with our one of a kind Triple Reward Staking Platform

Maxx will also have the ability to replace current reward pools with any other project listed on Pomchain for maximum exposure and cross promotion.

In addition to rewards, Maxx will also BURN POM and MAXX based on 10% of all staking rewards. For UMC, we will be sending 10% of all staking rewards to the Bravo wallet for future "missions".

Cross-Chain Launch on BSC/ETH

Maxx intends to launch on both Uniswap (ETH) and PancakeSwap (BSC) at the end of Q1 2023, allowing users from both chains to purchase Maxx and earn POM, POMG and UMC 

Investors who stake their tokens from either ETH or BSC will receive rewards on Pomchain therefore increasing the number of Pomchain users organically.

Phase 2 and Beyond...

 Maxx will continue to pursue different opportunities to increase awareness for both Maxx and Pomchain while introducing utilities to continuously generate volume which ultimately will reward holders who have staked their tokens within our platform.

One such utility will be geared toward EVERY crypto investor through the use of POMs cross chain bridge.

Another includes the employment of a unique marketing platform that will reward current users for their efforts while spreading word of both Maxx and Pomchain.

Additional details on these, and other utilities will be released as the project progresses.  


Ultimate Staking Trifecta

Earn more by staking Maxx
Help strengthen the POM ecosystem
Choose any or all



The native currency of the Proof of Memes Network, staking for POM will not only earn you passive income, but will also help the ecosystem through token burns!



The governance token of the Proof of Memes Network, staking for POMG will earn you passive rewards, while helping the ecosystem through token burns!


(United Meme Corps)

A reward token on the Proof of Memes Network, UMC pays rewards to NFT holders upon exchange listings. The interactive dapp will produce team "missions" to achieve the ultimate goal of multiple exchange listings.

Amount Staked

646,191,273.916 $MAXX


64.6192% Supply Staked

Amount Burned

33,974,504.258 $MAXX


3.3974% Supply Burned


Tokenomics & Tax Distribution

Initial holdings report:

Supply Minted:
1,000,000,000 MAXX

Private Sale 350,000,000 MAXX

Airdrop 270,000,000 MAXX

Liquidity 300,000,000 MAXX

Team Wallet 80,000,000 MAXX

10% Buy / 12% sell Tax:

6%/8% Staking Pool
To fill each of the three staking pools providing rewards in POM, POMG and UMC

3% Marketing/Development
To ensure we continue to produce and release utilities which increase our holders rewards and their investment value 

1% LP  
To strengthen price volatility

Max Wallet: 1% / 10,000,000 MAXX
Max Transaction: 0.5% / 5,000,000 MAXX



  • Assemble Maxx support team ✔

  • Finalize whitepaper and roadmap 

  • Maxx Private Sale 

  • Begin/complete development of Staking Platform 

  • Contract creation and audit 

  • Create website, expand socials, increase telegram members 

  • Launch Maxx

  • Begin R&D into second Phase 3 utility

Q2 2023

  • Begin and complete integration of first Phase 3 utility 

  • Expand entire Maxx ecosystem using third Phase 3 utility 

  • Development and deployment of second Phase 3 utility within ecosystem

  • R&D of new utilities to further expand Maxx ecosystem (updated 6-9 month roadmap)

Q1 2023

  • Begin/complete development of and launch of first Phase 2 utility 

  • Finalize contract with second Phase 2 utility 

  • Finalize and launch marketing plan for second Phase 2 utility 

  • Design and launch NFTs for first Phase 2 utility 

  • Continue R&D into second Phase 3 utility 

  • At end of Q2, reassess roadmap and goals, if necessary

Q3 2023

to be added

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Maxx Chart

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